Jan 27, 2012

Today Only!

I posted about the Horner family back in November during National Adoption Month. Their story is an incredible testament to the faithfulness of our God. Mama Alecia leaves in the morning to travel one more time back to the Ukraine to finally bring home their two new Ukrainian angels FOR GOOD!
They only have this one problem: FUNDS. They still need over $7000.00 to finalize the adoption and pay for airplane flights home.
Today only a donor has offered to double any and all funds that the Horner's can raise up to $500.00, that's a possibility of $1000 before Alecia gets on an airplane!
You can donate directly on the family's blog at http://newhornerfamily.blogspot.com/ or for a tax deductible donation, go to http://www.eliproject.org/ and donate, but make sure that you tag your payment for "the Horner Family".

Please help spread the word!

Hugs and Love to all this weekend!

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