Feb 24, 2010

OH How He Loves Us!

There is a song by the Dave Crowder band titled "Oh How He Loves Us!" The song has been stuck in my head all day. The reason, well that requires a story.

The couple in the pic above with Le and I are the Savages. Six months ago, we didn't know them. Six months later, I couldn't imagine our lives without knowing them. I met Amy in August for a fundraiser for Children's Hopechest. She opened her home to me in Cincy for the weekend and she gained fully access to my heart. She is sweet like old fashioned candy, so sweet it puckers your cheeks and you wonder if she's for real but so real you feel like telling her your deepest, darkest secrets because there is no judgment. She is a mommy to two home-grown GORGEOUS angels and the wife of the very adorable man next to Le. Ben is the kind of man you want your daughters to marry. The kind of man that makes you feel comfortable in his presence, like he should be reading you a bed time story or making you belly laugh for no good reason.

Amy and I had a lot to talk about. We were both going to be adopting from Ethiopia. We spent late nights online chatting and talking on the phone. The Savages came to OKC in December, two days after they received their referral for their sweet son, Tariku and five days after Le and I had accepted the referral for Alazar and Ruta. We began joking that weekend how cool it would be to travel to Ethiopia together. Since we are both with different agencies, the idea was laughable.

But as Le and I began to plan our trip to Ethiopia, we talked about how amazing it would be to travel with another couple who were adopting. Someone who could take pics for us and we could return the favor and a couple that would understand our desire to visit all the orphanages in Ethiopia instead of all the museums. Amy and I talked more and more and began openly praying that we would travel together. I admit, I felt a bit guilty. With all that is going on in the world, travelling with a friend to Ethiopia, seemed like a silly request, but Amy and I wanted our trip to be more than two friends travelling to pick up their babies; we wanted it to be a trip to glorify our God.

Last week, when Le and I passed court, I continued to pray that all of the paperwork needed for finalize the Savages' adoption would fall into place. Today, as I sat at my desk, Amy called to tell me that they were leaving for Ethiopia...on EXACTLY the day that Le and I are!!!! We are going to be there to see them welcome sweet Tariku into their arms. And they are going to be there for us as we love on Ruta and Alazar for the first time.

Tonight, I am reminded that our God delights in big miracles, but He also delights in performing small miracles for us, His children. OH, How HE loves us!!!!!!

P.S. there is also another girl that is making this trip, but her story deserves it's own post!

14 Days!

Flights are booked. Hotel stay is secured. House sitter confirmed. And our bags are packed (with the minor exception of packages that we are carrying for other people that have yet to arrive at my house~but there is a completely separate bag for those)!

Two weeks from today! 14 days! 336 hours! 20,160 minutes! Yeah. I know. I'm just a little excited!

Feb 16, 2010

Travelling and Paying It Forward!

3 posts in one day for me! This is a record!

Le and I will be travelling from the 2nd week of March to ET and returning about the 24th (plans are still sketchy as I am having a travel agent review the best deals). One thing that Le and I have been adamant about throughout this process was that when we travelled, we would offer to take packages for other waiting families, take pictures and love on their little ones. Now is our chance! If you would like for us to take pics, give hugs and love and/or take a package to our little one(s), please send me a message and I will provide you with an address.

There is already a place saved for Amy B's sweet Nadine!

Thanks again for all the love today. My heart is overjoyed and my body is exhausted. It has been a day of tears, laughter, fun, more tears, good friends and more tears.

Introducing Ruta & Alazar Andrews at OneTrueMedia.com

Just A Shout Out

Before I forget (and if we pass court today, I will temporarily be crazy) I wanted to just give a quick shout out to YOU! If you are reading this, please accept a piece of my heart in thanks for YOU. Your comments, kind words, readership and friendship has meant everything these many months. Many times throughout this process I have come home from a bad day, feeling like no one understands me, my passion for orphans or this process. But the moment that I click on my computer, reading your blogs, reading kind comments and reassurances from YOU has made all the difference.
If I were going to make a list of all of YOU, I would fail and would miss someone. So just know, even if I have never met you, heard your voice, or know that you even read this, I am thankful. For YOU!

Feb 15, 2010


Their bathroom is ready....

Her stuffed animals are ready....

His bed is ready...

Even their bulldog is anxiously ready!

Tonight, as we sleep, an Ethiopian judge will rule on whether or not everything is in place in Ethiopia to make our children ours. Well, here in Oklahoma, their toothbrushes are in places, the announcement video is done and there is no more preparations we can make but most importantly, our hearts are READY! Bring on our children!

Feb 9, 2010

Me & Court Dates

I have a love affair with court dates. I have court dates at least 10 times a week. As a trial lawyer, it's what I do. It's why I went into the kind of law I practice. I'm good at court dates. We have a relationship. I set them, move them, work around them, breeze through them or belabor through them. This time next week however, there will be another court date. A first for me is that THIS court date is out of my control. I did not set it, plan it or design it to go my way. Out of all the court dates I've ever encountered, THIS one is the most important.

It's about my children and whether or not an Ethiopian judge thinks that I am ready to be a mom. This court date will mean Le and I can show their pictures, tell you their names and it means that for the first time in my life I will have to take more planning, caution and care when I plan future court dates. For those future court dates will be planned around, soccer practice, school functions and sick kids. I am resting in the knowledge that my Heavenly Father already knows when my kids will be here. There is no planning, preparation or paper work for me to go through. The only paper I need to review is sitting on my desk...it's opened to Psalm 16. Here's to prayer, hope and court dates!

Feb 3, 2010


I read about this family this afternoon from a prayer chain email. They are in Uganda trying to get home with their adopted daughter and are stuck because of ridiculous rules by our government. Please read their story and forward it. If you know anyone who can help, please help! But most importantly, after you read this, please drop to your knees and lift these people up in prayer. You and I cannot fix this, but God the Father absolutely can.


Feb 2, 2010


We have a court date! Thank you Jesus. February 16th. We are elated, cautious and prayerful. We know that we may not pass this first time, but today we are holding tight to the fact that our Father is on the throne and HE knows exactly when our children will be home. And since I am always a "glass half-full" person, let's fill that glass with champagne and get ready to celebrate!