Feb 16, 2010

Travelling and Paying It Forward!

3 posts in one day for me! This is a record!

Le and I will be travelling from the 2nd week of March to ET and returning about the 24th (plans are still sketchy as I am having a travel agent review the best deals). One thing that Le and I have been adamant about throughout this process was that when we travelled, we would offer to take packages for other waiting families, take pictures and love on their little ones. Now is our chance! If you would like for us to take pics, give hugs and love and/or take a package to our little one(s), please send me a message and I will provide you with an address.

There is already a place saved for Amy B's sweet Nadine!

Thanks again for all the love today. My heart is overjoyed and my body is exhausted. It has been a day of tears, laughter, fun, more tears, good friends and more tears.


Anonymous said...

So happy for you! March is right around the corner!! Best Wishes!!

Gail said...


I so excited that we will meet in Ethiopia.

This is simply incredible. YAY!

Heidi said...

I love it! Three posts in a day says it all about how overjoyed you are!!! I imagine you will continue flying until you touch the ground in Ethiopia!!! XOXO - Heidi

George said...

WOW...you already have travel dates? I am so amazed by how quickly everything moves once you pass court...incredibly happy for you!!! We passed on 2/8 and probably won't get firm travel dates until end of month (ugh). Makes planning really difficult. But I think we will be in our agency's end of march travel group too (leaving around March 18th!). CONGRATS on all the happy news!!!

Laura said...

I just read this and watched your video with tears pouring. I am so so happy for you! I remember our court date day clearly for our Meron.

Congratulations! You are so very lucky to have these beautiful gifts from God.


Amy said...

ohhh thanks for saving a spot for NADINE! :) So happy for you guys! I wish we could have come last night to celebrate, but it was just not a possibility at last minute.

I can't believe how FAST you all are traveling! What a gift!

Erin Moore said...

Holy Cow! March?!!?! When is Amy going???

I need to get a package in the mail to you for my sweet Biruk!

Belleme said...

Yeah! So happy for you! Awesome that you're traveling so soon! I HOPE I have a referral by then, so I might be asking you for pix of my baby! :) I'll let you know!

JG said...

So excited for you!! That's so soon!

I was wondering, would you be interested in "sponsoring" a giveaway on my blog featuring your etsy shop? I wouldn't be asking you to give anything away, I'll buy the winner's prize, but it may be a custom item, or it may not, anyway, I just wondered if you would be interested in that. I thought it might be good for driving traffic to the site. Anyway, you can just reply to this comment and let me know if you are interested. Obviously, I know things are probably crazy busy right now as you get ready to leave, so if you don't think you'd have time, I completely understand!

The Redman's said...

Well, hopefully we'll have our referral before you leave (one can HOPE!!), but if not, feel free to give a little extra love to the little 4 and 5 year old boys!!!! (just maybe, one of them will be our boy!!!)

enjoy your journey! What an amazing trip it will be!!!!