Nov 3, 2011

National Adoption Awareness Month: Meet The Horners

I'd like to tell you that I am a faith-filled person.
While I believe I have my moments where I step out of the boat,
at the first sight of water, I begin screaming and heading for dry land.
It is very hard for me to simply close my eyes, hold out my hand,
and walk towards Jesus.
I need constant reminders that this life is not my own
and I will not always be in control.
I learn a lot of these lessons from my friends.
Lately, I've been taking daily notes by watching my friend Alecia.
Let me introduce you to the Horners.

This precious family lives in our town.

They own one of our favorite family hangouts, The Cupcake Lounge.

Last year they traveled to the Ukraine to bring home

what they thought would be two kids,

a boy and a girl.

The Lord changed their plans and they arrived home with their teenage son, Adrian.

But the desire for a sister never left their hearts.

They pursued for months a girl, Anatasia.

They prepared the documents, began raising funds, advocated for their daughter and

planned to make a place in their home for their newest addition.

The Lord changed their plans.

They were heartbroken to know Anastasia had been adopted by another family,

only weeks before they were to leave for Ukraine to bring her home.

Alecia and her husband Brian decided to travel any way, and seek the daughter

they knew was waiting for them.

Meet Tanya.

This adorable princess was exactly what The Horners knew God was asking of their family.
And then,
He changed their plans.
Tanya has a brother.
A younger brother.
An unexpected addition.
One they had not anticipated, expected or believed would be asked of them.
But they again said "where You lead Father, we will follow."
The Horners flew home for a few weeks to finalize their paperwork in the Ukraine
and spend time with their kiddos here
before returning to the Ukraine to bring home Tanya and Misha.
They have a lot of funds still to raise.
$11,160.00 to be exact.
Brian and Alecia are so convinced that God will provide their adoption needs,
that they have booked one-way tickets to the Ukraine.
They don't have the funds to book return flights home.
They leave on Monday.
Four days from now.
That's CRAZY faith folks.
Let's celebrate National Adoption Month today and donate what you can
to two people who are showing us all that God puts the lonely in families.
You can go here to donate directly by going here or if you need a tax deductible donation,
go to and add "Horner family" to the memo.
If you live in OKC area, go The Cupcake Lounge 304 Telephone Rd in Moore,
buy some amazing cupcakes and/or cakes and
don't forget to leave a BIG tip.
Even if you can't donate funds, will you please post this to your social media?
Let's spread the message and raise some money and bring home some angels.
I love you guys and gals!


Anonymous said...

cal+claire said...

That is some amazing faith

I went to the Eli Project to read about many of the orphans there. I think that the age restrictions on adoption is so sad - my husband and I are fairly young, but we are determined to be involved and hopefully adopt someone of our own soon