Nov 1, 2011

Another Year

First day of November.
Time to start carving up the jack-o-lanterns
to make way for pumpkin pie.
Time to start listing the things we're thankful for and
making trips to the grocery store to gorge our families again.
Time to be reminiscent of memories passed and
gathering those still with us together to make more memories.
As I sit here looking over my "I'm so grateful list",
at the top, of course, is my children.
This month is adoption awareness month.
Did you know?
I almost forgot.
Last year, our church did a big presentation on Orphan Sunday.
We had The Waiting Heart Gallery of Oklahoma bring photos
of adoption ready children, currently in foster care.
Over 90% of those children listed last year were adopted.
Now if you go to their website, you'll see something like this:
Thank you Jesus! Orphaned no more!

Family found for this sweetie.So much is changed by the power of that little red heart attached to those pictures.
It means "you are loved" "you were chosen" "you belong".

But just about the time my heart was soaring about how many kids had found homes last year,
7 faces kept staring back at me.
For 7 of those precious faces,there is no red heart attached to their picture.
For them, it is another Thanksgiving of waiting, another bedtime in a strange bed,
another morning of uncertainty,
another holiday longing for a family all their own.

So instead of spending this month of things I'm thankful for,
I'm going to be blogging about a new face, a soul,
a heart who is longing to add to their "Thanks list" only one word:

Meet Elmer.
His profile stuck out to me a year ago.
Just look at those eyes!
He specifically picked out his Sunday best for his photo.
Dressed to impress a family; his family.
You can go here to read Elmer's profile and learn more about this adorable boy.
You can also head over to and search thousands of kids
currently in U.S. foster care who are ready for adoption.
So this November, let's spread the word about as many children as possible.
I want to highlight a specific child or program each day this month,
so help me spread the word.
Let's not let any more precious kiddos like Elmer spend another holiday alone.
This Sunday is specifically Orphan Sunday.
What is your church, family, organization doing?
I'd love to hear it.

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cal+claire said...

I loved reading about many of the children at the website - how heartbreaking that they do not have homes. Elmer's profile was down so I could not read his but he looks like an incredible young man