Nov 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Today was Orphan Sunday.
A day set aside for remembrance, prayer and advocacy for children who have no family.
We hadn't talked about Orphan Sunday at home.
We didn't even mention it today.
Usually, questions about adoption, birth parents and/or Africa are elicited by The Angel.
But for the first time ever in the car today, a question came from the Dinosaur.
We had just been answering his questions about the blue car next to us, when we were met with:
"Yes, son."
"Our first dad died before in Africa?"
The Hero and I just stared at each other for a moment.
I didn't know what to say for a minute.
In her perfect, adorable way, The Angel beat me to it.
"Yep. Our Ethiopian daddy died after our Ethiopian Mommy did. That's why we live here."
The Hero and I made a brief, forgettable statement after that and The Dinosaur
went back to jabbering about the cars on the road.
Even in his precious three year old mind, my son knows that we are a hybrid family.
While I am thankful and selfishly want to believe that God planned our family since the beginning of time, that is only my selfishness.
Adoption is only God's perfect plan when it regards us being adopted into His family.
Adoption here on earth is a very messy, imperfect plan, not even close to plan B.
I believe that God placed our children with The Hero and I by weaving our lives together.
And for that huge gift, we are forever grateful.
But the original design was for The Angel and The Dinosaur to live with their birth parents.
Being orphaned in a fallen world changed that original design.
Many people have questioned why we are adopting again.
They ask things like:
"Are you worried how it will affect The Angel and The Dinosaur?"
"Why more kids, you guys were so lucky to get to great kids the first time."
"Are you sure that you guys are ready for that?
These questions really just piss me off, and I don't believe they deserve an answer.
So now that you've been warned, please don't ask.
Our answer is simply this:
The Hero and I believe that God sets the lonely in families,
not in orphanages,
or group homes,
or foster care.
While adoption is not a perfect plan, an orphanage or being in foster care isn't acceptable.
And until He returns in His glory,
and there are no more kids who need homes,
The Hero and I never want to look back and wonder on an Orphan Sunday,
"I wonder what our family would look like if (insert a kid's name) hadn't been with us?"
And really, who wouldn't want these kiddos sitting at their table:

Orphan Sunday is not a day to celebrate,
it is a day to we should attempt to abolish.
I believe I have a calling in that challenge,
and I believe so do you.
I don't believe it is only through adoption.
Sponsorship, financial giving, advocacy and adoption are all a part.
Excited to hear how you all are striving to end the orphan crisis.


missy said...

"Orphan Sunday is not a day to celebrate,
it is a day to we should attempt to abolish."

wow. very powerful. thanks for this post.

Matt and Sarah said...

SO good friend. So good.