Jan 3, 2012


I think at the end of something, it always makes you a little reflective.
You start recounting the things you've done.
And didn't do.
The Hero and I have been together almost 9 years.
In that time, we've only shared 1 or 2 New Years' Eve kisses.
We've almost written off the holiday completely.
The New Years always comes whether he is at the fire station or not.
And I'd rather it come with me having a full 8 hours sleep.
It's a curse of being married to anyone in the responder field.
There are things that they miss.
But regardless, each year we try to sit down and just hash out
the previous year.
We were discussing our 2011 and
Recycle Love came up.
About a year ago?
The Hero came up with a design and we came up with a campaign?
Ringing any bells yet?
Does this help?

We were curious about whether or not if there would be interest in doing

it again.


Leave us a comment.

I think it would be cool to do the same logo and theme but change it up for Valentine's Day.

(and add some girlie colors!)

But we need a final decision by Friday.

Like three days time.

So let us know.

Are you interested?

And would you want to see long sleeve?

a light weight hoodie?

or short sleeved shirts like last time?


Unknown said...

I would be interested in one for me & one for the little person!!

Matt and Sarah said...

We were SO blessed by the Recycle Love Campaign! I hope you guys get to do it again...we just might need to buy a few more shirts! :)

Rebecca Dixon said...

Wouldn't mind trying to sell some at work, it would be awesome if we could include them with our Valentines fundraiser at work. It works two fold I think! Let me know what you think. Rebecca

Jennifer said...

You should totally do it and help out some families! I LOVE the idea of girlie colors! I will definitely buy one! :)

Amber said...

Could you manage some maternity? :) No, really, though, I would love to see some girlie colors! Couldn't do one last year, but this year I would be in (in a much larger size of course)!

Mrs. D'Amico said...

I remember it :) I loved it! And I loved your hearts for it! I wish our "friends" had actually decided to act by "buying" instead of lip service without action... that though is "our friends" fault. YOU GUYS DID AWESOME AND IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHIRTS TO WEAR!! I'd love to see it again and help someone and OF COURSE I love the girlie idea :) Heck... I'd like it to be an annual Andrew event, because Lord knows, we'll be Recycling Love for a new little one sometime again ;)