Jan 30, 2012

Living Out Love

Last week, I wrote this blog post. 
On Saturday, I got the chance to live it out.
I got the honor to drive my friend Alecia to the airport on her way (flying alone)
to bring the two newest children to their family by way of the Ukraine.
You all helped advocate for their family on Friday and helped them surpass their
financial goal and raised $1400!!
So awesome.
They still need over $4000  to complete the adoptions and bring home a
new brother and sister here to Oklahoma.
If you would still like to donate, go to www.eliproject.org and mark your donation for 
"the Horner family".
You may also go directly to their blog
to make a donation.
Also, please lift this sweet family up in prayer this week.
Alecia is travelling alone to the Ukraine this time and is facing huge obstacles.
Hubby Bryan is here in OK with their other four kids and running their family business.

Thank you sweet readers for all that you do.

Go live out your love for some one else today. 

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