Jan 25, 2012

Women Wednesday: Just Show Up

I was asked a few weeks ago by my church if I would speak at our annual Women's Conference this year. I fell over laughing when I read the email to The Hero. It wasn't the speaking, or the fact that I had to speak for 30 minutes. It was the audience.

Three years ago, a leaflet fell out of our Sunday bulletin advertising WCC's women's conference. I laughed and tossed it inside my Bible. A few days later, The Hero saw it and asked if I was going.

"Uh, I don't like girls. And this is for an entire day. An entire day surrounded by girls? No thanks. You know that's my personal version of hell."

He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"K. But I thought you were praying about making some new girl friends."

It's moments like this when he renders me stupefied that I want to punch him.

"I highly doubt I'll make any new friends at a women's conference."

"Are you going to try on bike night at Hooter's?"

Insert punch to the arm.

I drug my feet for a few days and finally bought a ticket to go.

Surely, I would have something come up and would be unable to attend.

Something. Had. To. Come. Up.

It was Saturday and since we were still sans kids and The Hero was at work, I had no more excuses. I went. Late, but I went. Showing up is half the battle, right?

I sat in the back and while I didn't make any lasting friendships that day, showing up really was half the battle. It was also the beginning of laying a foundation for new relationships to form and new healing to appear.

So this week, when it seems like it's hard and you're not really wanting to engage: Just Show UP!


cal+claire said...

I do feel like I understand this battle. I am always wishing that I had at least one or two close girl-friends (if not a bundle, I mean the more the merrier right?), but then I have a really strong distaste for anything women's ministry related. Making myself actually attend these events really is half (and sometimes more than half) the battle.

Deb said...

Such a good message for me right now... as I prepare to go to C4C. (sigh). What was I thinking again? ;) Here's prayin' that it's amazing and that I meet some life long friends. :)

Mrs. D'Amico said...

I agree... This is so me!! But I do wanna know... are you speaking?! I've yet to attend a Women's conference for the very reasons you listed here BUT if you're speaking, I'll SHOW UP! No pressure though :)

Unknown said...

Deb- Good for you my sweet friend! You're going to have a blast. I think we should have our own C4C in Ok or Chicago? :)
Claire-I cannot agree more!
Amber-I am speaking. I did tell them yes. AHHH!!!

Layla Payton said...

I'll be there. I'll be just as nervous as last year, but I'll be there. LOL

It astounds the HECK outta me how two chicks who are leery of other chicks managed to find each other, in a GIANT church building, and fall in LOVE. :)

At least that's how I feel about you.