Jan 2, 2012

Can you doubt?

We had one more day off from school and work today. One more day to just be together and enjoy one another. The kids headed out early with The Hero's mom to The National Cowboy museum and when they were done, we decided to visit the OKC zoo since it was free admission day.

The kids had a blast but the highlight came when we were leaving and the zoo was getting ready to close. The passed the lion exhibit when we heard it roaring. We went up to the glass and this male lion was giving a lung shaking growl to another lion in his enclosure. We all just stood there spellbound by this amazing creature doing what God created him to do. Amazing!
As we stood there staring at this exquisite example of Gods handiwork, I couldn't help but wonder how there are those who believe we just evolved. Even a tigers facial stripes are like a fingerprint and are unique to that animal, so how much more valuable are we!
Loved spending the day being reminded that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and so are YOU!

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