Jan 20, 2012

Is it Live or Love?

In this world of modern technology, I feel equipped to handle astro physics from either my laptop, smartphone or tablet (even though I have no idea what astro physics is really all about) or perhaps conduct peace talks between global communities on all these devices simultaneously ( I can be quite the multi-tasker). But what I find myself doing on these devices the most is email and texting.
While being a sub-par speller makes me a fan of auto correct, I have noticed that if i am typing to a friend or a family member and I attempt to type the word "love", often times by a miss of a keystroke, auto correct will spell out "live" instead, so that my message now reads "I live you" instead of "I love you".
While I often times catch the mistake before I hit send, several of my closest peeps have often received an "I live you" from yours truly. This often elicits a response of "huh?"
But the more I reflect on this phenomenon, perhaps the two words should be synonymous of the other. Because when we truly love someone, we live for them. I love my children and my spouse, which causes me to live my life in a different way. I plan my day around their needs and their schedule. That love lives itself out in meals made, laundry folded, teeth brushed; a litany of acts that if not for love would just be a have-to-do list of chores.
Paul tells us that if we are blessed with amazing gifts and can do all things but have not love, all is for not. If love is not lived out, it really isn't love at all. It's all parts sum to the whole, a variation in the faith vs. works raucous, most pastors salivate to discuss.
Jesus was the most radical example of this 'to love is live for' theology. He tells us that "where our treasure is there our heart will be also" and His ultimate parable was love lived out...to death.

In this year of my "being intentional", I am beginning to grapple with this idea more and how that plays out in my day-to-day schedule, not just with my family but with those God puts in my path.
So if you receive a message from me and it simply says, "I live you" it may be a typo, or it , may be my reminder to myself and to you that I need to continue to live our love.

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