Jan 22, 2012

We spent the weekend almost in hibernation. The kids and I left the house once yesterday to get groceries and break the monotony of being cooped up. The Hero came home from the station today and we managed to shower and change clothes long enough to make it to church today, but immediately after it was over, we retreated back to the comfy state of home and our pjs.

While I'm not sure that we rested or are any more relaxed than if we had spent the last two days chasing rabid cats; it was nice to at least be home for two consecutive days.

I've been reflecting a lot about how we spend our time and what our expectations are with those time commitments. I know that this year of living intentional will require some changes and the letting go of some things we once saw as "pressing", but so far, I'm liking the view.

What changes, if any, are your making as a family this year?

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Layla Payton said...

Well, you know about our current change. ;)