Jan 1, 2011

End of Our Fearsome Foursome?

There was only one word to describe our first Christmas as parents: Magical. Simply magical. I remember having pure exhilaration Christmas morning when I was a kid. My heart leapt in my chest and the sheer adrenaline running through my veins provided energy that lasted all day. But nothing compared to watching R&A put out reindeer food, making Santa's cookies, and reveling in the wonder of the day. Being Santa rocked my world!

In the midst of all the fun, I found myself daydreaming about next Christmas and if there would be any new faces sitting in the floor around our Christmas tree. For the last several months, Ruta has been asking for a big sister (these conversations deserve blog posts of their own). Daddy & I blew it off for weeks and finally told her that if she was serious about more kids, then she needed to pray about it. Since she absolutely refused to pray out loud, we figured we had outsmarted her. Imagine our surprise when the next day she asked to pray at breakfast. Her prayer was "God. Give us more kids. For Papa Chu and Lala (aunt laura and uncle brian) and God, more kids."
I texted Le and told him that she was on to our game, but I really thought she would soon dismiss any ideas of sharing, waiting for the bathroom and cramming more people into our house. We were wrong. For months now either at a meal or bedtime, my daughter asks to request God to fill our house with kids. Several weeks ago, Le and I decided if our daughter was going to be passionate about praying about this subject, we needed to explore it with the Father as well.
I don't know any specifics. I don't have any suggestions or delusions or time lines. But I have a feeling that our fearsome foursome perhaps is coming to an end. And while this road we are walking is unknown to us, it is not unknown to our Heavenly Father and as long as we're walking it together, I'm still one happy momma.


Deb said...

Yesssss. ;)
Pray on!

Alison said...

YAY!!!! Can't wait to watch ya'll expand your family!!! :)

Gayla said...


I know I will love ALL the Andrews clan... no matter how many there turn out to be!!!

Kristin said...

Awesome!!! Imagine Christmas morning multiplied by 2 again?! Awesome!!!

Lori said...

WoooHOOOOO! Join the world of big family! We'll take you! Bring them home, Mama!

Rebecca said...

Yay! That's exciting! Life will only get sweeter for you guys