Jan 22, 2011

Help & The D'Amicos!

Good morning! The t-shirt sales are rolling in. Let's keep it up through the weekend and hit 100 sales by Monday morning. Can we do it? I totally believe that we can.

I've had questions about how to tag your purchases to make sure the appropriate family gets credit. When you get through checkout, there will be a page with a tab called "note to seller". Click that tab and write your family's name in the instruction line.

Meet the D'Amicos! They are our first featured family that is adopting domestically. They blog here and have just VERY recently announced their adoption. They have been married for five years and are excited about their new adventure into parenthood. Today is especially cool for them because today is Todd's 40th bday! So jump over to their blog, read about their story and support their adoption!

So excited to another 28 days of recycling love! Thank you guys so much for exploring this amazing adventure with us in our goal of Recycling our Love for other adoptive families. Continue to send families our way because within the next 28 days, we may sneak a few new products your way, a few giveaways and we will have plenty of opportunities to highlight every family we can, even if I'm doing several posts a day! :)

1 comment:

Mrs. D'Amico said...

Thank you SO much for featuring us and posting this! I need to buy t-shirts for my friends and family as advertisement for Recycle Love and to support a great cause... Do I do that on here with the links at the left?

Thanks for the help!!! The Andrew's ROCK!