Jan 20, 2011

Housekeeping For Tomorrow

Hey all! Only a few more hours until we turn cyber space GREEN because we're Recycling Love! Forget red and pink hearts for Valentine's Day, go GREEN and show your support for families adopting.
Here is a few things to know so you can help spread the word tomorrow:

1.) The tees are $24.95 each. $4.95 covers shipping and $10 goes to the adoptive family of your choice. Remember that the family that sells the most tees will receive an additional $500.00!

2.) The Recycle Love campaign will run from tomorrow until February 18th. We will compile the list of purchases and order the tees after the close of business on the 18th of February and tees will be mailed 1-2 weeks after that.

3.) We are NOT limited to only helping families that we've highlighted here on the blog and Facebook. You can email us your family or a family that you want to advocate for at our address: andrews dot africabound at gmail dot com and tell us their name, blog/web address, a little of their story and what agency they are using. We will continue to highlight families each day for every day of the campaign.

4.) As you spread the word, please let people know to place the family name you want to proceeds to benefit to be placed in the memo line of the paypal memo.

5.) Please lift us up in prayer! For stamina, awareness, communication and above all else that God the Father will be glorified!

While praying over our project tonight, I found this verse:
Isaiah 66:5 "...Let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy!..."
Praying that tomorrow the Lord is glorified and that we may see YOUR joy!


Lori said...

My blog is ready to feed your blog tomorrow! I'm SOOOO excited.

Matt and Sarah said...

We are SO excited too!!!

Praying that God will glorified in many many families through this campaign!

Praying for you guys too! :)

Amy said...

I didn't see a paypal memo... I looked and looked and looked. SORRY! Our purchase is for the HABUDA FAMILY! Wooot!! HABUDAS!

mamaluv5 said...

How wonderful! Is it possible to order from Canada & add extra for shipping??

Lisa said...

Hi! Wondering if you will give families any "update" to know along way how they're doing so they can post that??? Thanks!