Jan 14, 2011

Big Smiles From A Little Red Heart & A BIG Announcement

I recently blogged about these adorable kiddos who were waiting for their forever family. Their sweet faces stuck with me and each day I prayed about them, talked to the hubby about them and began researching Department of Human Services adoptions to find out more.

Imagine my complete surprise when I checked this website last night and their sweet faces, had this beautiful red heart next too it.

And the great thing is there are SOOOO many more children that were listed that had their Christmas wish granted. A majority of the page were smiling kiddos and beautiful, little red hearts. It made this momma happy. If you are interested in reading more about children in the system who are cleared for adoption, check out http://heartgalleryofoklahoma.com and let's attach all those pictures with a little red heart.
Happy Friday ya'll!
P.S. Just so you know, make sure you come back on Tuesday for a BIG announcement! ;)


Unknown said...

That post makes me happier than you can imagine!!!! Um, why do you have to tease us??? I want the announcement now. :)

Living to Love said...

Oh...a big announcement...how fun! Can't wait!

Alison said...

Can't wait to hear the big annoucement!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED seeing the BIG RED HEART!!!
God Bless those beautiful kids! So very happy for them!!


Melanie said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I appreciate your comment on Sarah Mae's post... our hearts are certainly aligned..

Blessings to you!

.... and what's the big announcement?!?!? I promise I won't tell ;)

Karly said...

I think if I saw a post like this every day throughout our adoption process, I would never have a difficult day! Okay, maybe that might be pushing it. :) But those little hearts on the pictures bring me such joy!!

Thanks for sharing!