Dec 23, 2010

A Christmas Wish

This time last year, I was decorating our tree at home alone while Le was at the fire station. We hardly bought gifts because we were too busy staring at pics of two faces so far away in Ethiopia. Each time I looked at them, I wondered what they were wishing for and what they wanted most in the world.

This is still my favorite picture of all time:

This year, our house is a different dynamic. There is no silence, no space left under our tree for one more present and I know exactly what my two kids have asked Santa to bring. It only took two faces to change my life forever.
Miss R is definitely in the practice these days of asking us TONS of questions. Most of them I know or can fake an answer, but last week she threw me.
"Mommy. I love home. In Africa, I no have birthday, trick or treat, thanksgiving or Christmas." Here I have birthday, trick or treat, thanks giving and Christmas. Mommy, why in Africa we not have that?"
"I don't know honey."
"Mommy, I think all the world need that."
"I agree Ruta. I agree."
I hate not having had a better answer, but man that girl can come up with some doozies! But why all the world not have that? I'm not saying that bringing kids here to America, taking them to Chuckie Cheese and screaming for Buzz Lightyear is the answer to the global orphan crisis. But until the global orphan population decreases substantially or the Lord returns, I'm always going to advocate for families opening up their homes to bring in someone who is lonely.

I often get emails from people who ask "why Ethiopia" questions. My answer is always the same. We were obedient. That's where God called us. Will He call us to Ethiopia again? I don't know. Will He call us to adopt again? I am begging Him so!
There are so many kids who need love, a home, a family, someone to call their own. This Christmas, while you are in the midst of ham steak, wrapping paper and family, please remember that some where either next door or around the world, someone needs love, comfort, home and is praying for their Christmas wish to come true: YOU!

These two angels are currently in foster care and are paper ready to be adopted. They are considered a "special needs" because they are a sibling group and they want to be adopted together, even though they are not being fostered together at this time.
For more information about foster care or adoption from foster care in the United States go to or for more information about Jonathan and Katlyn go to
For more information about international adoption, email me directly, or check out or go to and put in "international adoption".
While I pray that your Christmas wish comes true this year, I am on my knees begging that the Christmas wish of every orphan and widow in this world is answered first!
Happy Holidays!


Jennifer said...

What a great post. What a heartwarming and heartbreaking question your little girl asked. Every child should get to celebrate birthdays and holidays. Our hearts are aching for our Ethiopia babe. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Great post! What beautiful waiting kids. Glad your kids are home with you this year!!

Leslie said...

Sometimes I think we are connected at the heart. I've been pondering something for a few days that G told me and wondering how I could share it.... then I read your post and I got my answer.

Erin Moore said...

love you and love this post...and love that little inquisitive Ruta who asks really good questions. in training?

Beth said...

My little Adonu asked me tonight if his grandpa fed him in Ethiopia. I'm not sure where that came from. Hard question for me to answer too! I have a friend in Wisconsin trying to find sponsor families for 55 kids at Kechene. I'm trying to help her spread the word. She has found 20 families so far! Would you mind putting this on your blog? Her info is on mine or you can go to Thanks for considering.