Jan 24, 2011

Meet the Lincks!

Meet the Lincks! This sweet couple is currently working on bringing twins or a young sibling group home from Ethiopia to complete their missing Lincks (LOVE how adorable that is). They blog here http://ourmissinglinck.blogspot.com and also have some additional fundraising opportunities going on (I've heard that Jen makes AMAZING cupcakes!).

Loving how many families are Recycling their Love. Continue to spread the word and sign up other families. We really want to hit 100 tee shirt sales this week (we are over half-way there) and I have a personal goal of seeing 20 families being advocated for here on our blog.


Matt and Sarah said...

Yea!!! Jon and Jennifer are amazing. They have such a heart for God and the orphan. We love them SO much!

Buy a shirt, buy some incredibly cupcakes. Support the Lincks! :)

Matt and Sarah said...

Ugh. I meant some incredibly delicious cupcakes! :)

Kathleen said...

YAY John and Jennifer!!! We love you guys!