Jan 25, 2011

Peach, Not Strawberry.

Stubborn. Good adjective to describe me. Rule follower, strict, impatient. Not good adjectives. But true.

During my short stint of being a mom, I know all too well how my un-beautiful humanness affects my kids. Some of them, I've changed. Some days my impulsive, impatient nature gets the better of me. These are days/moments/breaths I call Mommy Fails. Days where Mommy fails to quiet her temper, Mommy fails to be patient, Mommy fails to remind herself of her children's ages, or Mommy fails not to raise her voice.

Today was such a day. My Mommy Fails moment came before 8a.m. Wow. Really?!
My kids love oatmeal some days. Other days they like it. Strawberry is their favorite. Peach, I thought, ran a close second. Today, I don't know. But after sitting for 40minutes, neither my angel or my dinosaur had eaten more than a few bites.

After a lengthy discourse with the angel about how peaches and strawberries are both fruits, made by Jesus for the health of their bodies and they both grow from the ground and are equally yummy, the angel continued to puff out her lip and shake her head, while the dinosaur scribbled lines in his bowl. Now, we were all being stubborn. I finally threw up my hands and hollered for both of them to leave the table and get dressed. Late. Over oatmeal. Peach, not strawberry. The angel and I both had tears in our eyes while we finished getting ready, while Daddy chased the dinosaur to affix him with under roos.

As I grabbed their bowls from the table, lamenting over my early morning bad attitude, I begged for patience. The holy spirit reminded me that it's just oatmeal and my stubbornness was getting the best of me, leading me to my Mommy Fail, but that just like my children will overlook Mommy's Fail and move on, so will my heavenly Father if I simply just ask. As I drove to work with the dinosaur in the back jabbering and giggling away, I sighed and knew why Jesus always had the disciples bring children to Him. They just get. So much better than this Mommy.

Oh boy, a Mommy Fail because of oatmeal. Peach, not strawberry.


Unknown said...

Oooooh I tell, we have all been there, where they push our little buttons till something trips and it's just a momentary Momma fail. :)

SO thankful for an AWESOME GOD who softens our MOMMA's heart and FORGIVES us and gives us plenty more opportunities to test our patience again and again! :)

Here's to a HAPPY rest of your TUESDAY! ♥

Lindsay said...

This brought tears to my eyes Lindsey. I feel like I've been mommy failing all day. I needed this post today. Thanks.

Sarah said...

Amen from this mommy failer. What a long day!