Jan 11, 2011

What Could You Be Missing?

I knew that growing our family would mean changes. I anticipated how being parents would affect Le and I and our household. But I completely under estimated how much it would impact every else in our lives and what we all would have been missing by not having such amazing additions to our lives.

I would have missed how attentive my nephew can be and how adorable my son is when he is screaming "hey 'andon".

I would have missed how long my mom-in-law can truly belly laugh.

I would have missed my dad-in-law's extreme ornery streak

I would have never know how much Alazar's smile could melt my heart.

I may have never understood the depth of my husband's love.

I might have bi-passed how truly giving my baby sister has become.

And who would have ever wanted to miss this:

As I being our new year praying about what lies ahead for us, I wonder, what else I could have missed by not following God's path and I wonder: What could you be missing out on?


JG said...

You have such a beautiful family, Lindsey. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Linda said...

I love to hear about adoptions. May God continue to bless your sweet family!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits