Apr 1, 2009

Step Two:Agency Paperwork

Le and I had our phone interview with the adoption agency today. We were extremely discouraged to learn that due to other countries tightening their adoption policies, adoption times in Ethiopia have almost doubled in the last year. They are estimating that it will be at least 18 months before we travel. While this news is hard, we are still determined that this is path that God has set before us. After the interview, the agency sent us an application packet and requested A LOT of documentation which must be completed before our home study may be conducted. Also, we must complete a form for the United States Immigration Department in order to have background checks and fingerprinting cards completed. We have to take pictures of our house exterior, ourselves, the four-legged kiddos and detailed pics of the inside of the house. We also have to go get physicals and have a lot of people write referral letters for us. I am giving you all fair warning that you may be placed on the "we need a favor" list. I guess you all can guess how we will be spending our weekend.

It feels good to get the ball rolling, but knowing how long the road ahead will be is a little disheartening, but it is all a means to an end...a very wonderful end!

My precious mother-in-law gave us some pretty good advice today. She commented on how lucky we were to at least have an idea and time frame as to when our child would be here. She said that most people would love to be able to take one more trip, buy that motorcycle, or just sit a few more idle weekends on the couch, before they become parents. While Le and I are ready to be "mom" and "dad" right now, we know that for the next year and a half we can focus on us and enjoy one another for a little longer, which will only make this experience that much more deep and rewarding. Thanks Mom A.!

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