Apr 7, 2009

Mom, Doctor and Immigration

I have to hand it to my mother. She is the best. There has never been a time in my life that I have needed something that she has not completely followed through. It must be a mom thing. Again, this weekend, in my time of need, she came through with flying colors. I haven't needed a birth certificate since I can't remember when. However, one of the first things that has to be sent in with our agency application and with the I-600A Application to the U.S. Immigration Service is a birth certificate. I searched all weekend and tore our house from top to bottom and no birth certificate. I called the Department of Vital Records and was told that I had to make the request in person at their office or request a copy by mail, but either process took at least four weeks, sometimes six. I was devestated. This was going to set us back several weeks. I called my mom and by Sunday afternoon she had not only located a copy of my birth certificate, but she managed to find a CERTIFIED copy as well. That was the final piece of paperwork needed to finalize our I-600A application and yesterday afternoon, the packet of information, containing a copy of my birth certificate was sent to the United States Immigration Services. And I owe it all to mom. You are definitely amazing.

Today Le and I had our physical exams for an additional step in the applicaiton process. As we were talking about the adoption process, several people in the office began to talk to us about our story, asking questions and taking an active interest in the process. While she was taking our blood, the lab tech told us her adoption story. Her parents had adopted her and five other children over a span of nineteen years. What a story and a testament to the never ending boundaries of love.

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