Apr 28, 2009

God's Perfect Plan and Reinforced Dreaming

I thought this was quite funny and I just had to share. A few weekends ago, Le was at the station on a Saturday (His shifts are usually 24 hours on/48 hours off). I went to sleep late and I had a dream that I was pregnant (it had to be a dream because the stats given by our doctors were like one in a million!). In this scenario, I was devestated. I didn't want to tell Le because I didn't want our adoption to be held up in any way. I woke up laughing at myself. I got ready for church and Le came home. I didn't say anything about it to him. Before the service began, a little girl and her mom come racing past our seats (the girl was racing and the mom was trying to catch up). As her blond curls bounced and her very pregnant mother caught up with her. Le turned to me and smiled. He said"Linz, I couldn't be more excited about the journey we are on. And I even think that I would be really disappointed if you wound up pregnant." I about burst into tears and then I just started laughing. I told him about the dream and he laughed too. I sometimes become overwhelmed at how much we can't understand about our Heavenly Father. He has taken adoption from a choice to a plan and one day that plan will become a reality. And He reinforced it all...with a dream!

I am reading another amazing book right now. Tom Davis' Fields of the Fatherless. I have attached the link to his blog and if you want to see Jesus in action, read some of he and his team's latest entries from their April 2009 trip from Ethiopia. What a group of warriors they are for the inflicted, the sick, the orphan and the HIV/AIDS victims. Pray for them as they continue to help the "least of these".


jamullins said...

Thank you for your prayers!! Hope to meet you at The Queen sometime soon!!

Julie Mullins

Shannon Plumb said...

My name is Shannon and I ran across your blog in the Ethiopian blog world. We also live on the SW side of OKC and are in the process of adoptin our first child from Ethiopia!!! We are working on the paperwork for Gladney and hope to send it off soon. You guys are moving through your paperwork! Hopefully we can get things going that fast! It's nice to know someone close geographically is going through the same things! Look forward to meeting you one day!