Apr 26, 2009

Inspiring Words and Another Step Completed

Le and I had our home study on Wednesday. It was really relaxed and our worker was amazing. She asked a lot of questions and Le continued to surprise me by some of his answers. His passion for our children is so apparent that it brought me to tears several times during the interview. After our worker gets our information typed, she will send us a rough draft and will forward it to our agency. Once the rough draft is finalized, then we will receive copies of the home study to help finish our dossier (the packet of information that will be send to Ethiopia). We are still waiting on our information from the Immigration offices, but we are narrowing in our completing our dossier and sending it to Addis Ababa.

I have been reading a lot lately. For those of you who know me really well, this information will not come as a shock. I have read a majority of my life and can distinctly remember the first book I ever read (thank you Nannie for the gift of literacy. I still have "Tip" and re-read it from time to time when I feel like I can hold in the tears. I miss you!). I remember the way my Nannie smelled as we went over the words and I remember the proud swell in my chest as I completed the book on my own. However, during law school, I stopped reading for fun and even in the first few years of my career, I almost dreaded reading at night before I went to bed. Slowly, my appetite to read has returned and now it eats at my every day to read something. Lately, my nightstand is full of book regarding adoption issues, parenting, and books on loan from my sister. But in the past two weeks, I have read three books that have impacted my life and I have to share. Laura recommended The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. If you enjoy reading, it is a great read about a Nazi Germany and the effect reading has on a young German girl, inspiring her to change her world. A special note, read the last 50 pages alone, with Kleenex handy! From Ashes to Africa is written by a fellow blogger and Ethiopian adoptive mother, Amy and Josh Bottomly. Reading this book was like opening Le and I's journals of life over the last three years and exposing our innermost thoughts of sadness, loss and pain. If you want to understand our passion for Africa, our love for adoption and why we seem to be able to talk about nothing else, you must read this book. The last book is Red Letters: Living a Faith that Bleeds by Tom Davis. I have to warn you, this book will change your outlook, your faith and the way that you live your life. I have cried, prayed and begged our Heavenly Father to be forgiven for my ignorance, impatience and laziness to the plight of others. If you are ready to have Jesus change your perspective and call you into action, this is a must. I have attached a pic of my mom and my little sister, who is partially responsible for renewing my love of reading. Thanks sis!


Amy said...

Yay the homestudy is done!!! :) Glad it was a breeze!

Thanks for the book shout out! Glad you enjoyed it.. We also loved Red Letters. :)

Chris and Dawn said...

Hi Lindsey! We are a Gladney family also and are nearing the top of the wait list. I have a sister who lives in OKC and her husband is a firefighter too! Good luck with your paperchase!

Rebecca said...

Weren't you shocked at how easy the homestudy really is? I remember being so nervous...and after Andrea left I thought - that wasn't bad at all! She's pretty easy to talk to. She's coming to our house Wednesday :)

By the way, I've added "The Book Thief" to my amazon wish list. I love all things WWII era.

Fun meeting you two at the Queen! We missed you all on Saturday!

The Mathews Family said...

we have our homestudy on may 13..cant wait! I need to pick up from ashes to africa...looks awesomoe!