Mar 30, 2009

Step One Down

Last week we sent in our application to the agency along with pictures of Le and I. It was odd to think that someone else would be judging our ability to be parents based on answering several questions and the way we appeared in pictures. We were told that we would not hear anything back from the agency until at least Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, so this is our first exertion of patience during this process. After our app is reviewed we will have a phone interview with the agency and they will discuss with us in more detail the process and what gender, age, etc. we would prefer. I have to admit that I would not be opposed to more than one at a time, but I think that the idea of one is a little overwhelming to Le at this point. But I think we have both decided that we would like a boy. I always wanted an older brother and I think Le really wants to pass on his love for sports to a little boy. We'll see and I am sure that I will update this the minute we get off the phone with the agency about where we go from here.
I have attached the pic that I sent in with our agency application.


JG said...

Hey Lindsay. Jaci "Dake" Greggs here. I saw your blog posted on facebook (don't you love new facebook? You see EVERYTHING!!) I am SO EXCITED for you and am praying that you get a speedy adoption process. My cousins just got their son from Guatemala and I can't wait to see that joy in your life.

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Megan said...

Woo hoo for step one! I love your blog, and I have to admit that it won't help my new cyber addiction. I'll look you up on facebook too. I'm praying for your baby. -M