Mar 28, 2009

The Road From Infertility

I had always doubted whether or not I should be a mom. I had chosen a profession which I knew required long hours and a lot of stress. I had wondered whether or not a having a baby would be selfish if there was no way to cut my schedule back. Two things happened that changed that line of thinking: (1) I met Le and (2) I went to work for the best law firm in the world. I knew that Le and I could work through anything and we both had so much to offer to a child. When I interviewed at my firm three years ago, I had already worked as a lawyer for over two years. Eileen explained that she had four children and at the time seven grandchildren (there are ten now and two more on the way) and that most of these children were in the office at some point. She explained that she went to law school when there were very few women and she welcomed every opportunity for Le and I's children to be with me at the office as much as possible. What an amazing opportunity! I, of course, for a number of reasons took the job and Le and I began to try to start our own family. After two years of trying, we were told that we were infertile and one of our only options other than adoption was IVF. We prayed fervently that God would tell us what He had planned for us. Of course, we were devastated but over the years, adoption had been a topic that we had discussed and embraced many times. We knew that even if we had one child biologically that we would probably add to our family by adoption anyway. But IVF was something that I was not prepared for. I wanted a child that reflected Le and I together but not just one of us. I was upset and I didn't want us to talk about it right away, because I was worried that Le would have a different opinion, so I waited a couple of days before I broached the subject with him. I was amazed that he immediately said that he felt like God was telling him that adoption was right for us. Thank you Lord for clarity and direction.

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