Jun 15, 2011

Women Wednesdays

I don't think God "talks" to me. I've known and heard about Him talking to other people, but not me. He pushes, urges me through His word, nudges me and then there are the slaps in the face. Those are usually the things that I'm reminded of again and again until it eats me to the core and I can't stop thinking about it.

For about the last year, I've been feeling pushed to approach my phobia of women and female relationships in general here on my blog. It grows stronger and stronger with each blog post I write and as I sit thinking about each next blog post, the topic looms over me. And I feel Him pushing me outside my comfort zone. Him asking me to put my issues and fears and insecurities aside and just trust Him. And Him alone.

So each Wednesday for awhile, I'll be posting my thoughts about misconceptions, stereotypes and issues that we women face together, separate, how the enemy uses those to his advantage and what the good Lord is teaching me about such things. I'm calling it Women Wednesdays. If you have topics that you want to discuss or approach in prayer, leave a comment or send me an email. I don't want this to be the complaining post, but a place where we learn more about community with one another and individually toward Jesus.

I hope that you'll join me. Maybe together we will grow a little deeper and learn a little something about one another, ourselves and all of the in between.

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Layla Payton said...

You have my heart on this topic. You are one of the only women who has ever approached me, made an effort to truly make a heart connection (not to just be socially nice...which is good, but fleeting), and you have stayed true since. I value your "realness," and love your spunk. I watch you with awe, and learn from your heart renderings. I praise God for bringing you into my life. I adore your family, and I want to walk through this mutual fear with you...because you busted the myth for me. I stepped into a new church, and met a sister. A sister whom God always had planned for me...you. Funny thing, I usually cringe (on the inside) when women first approach me. The opposite
happened with you. I am not making this up. ~Truth~