Jun 3, 2011

Just for Tonight!

School is out.

Summer has begun.

The Angel turns 7 tomorrow.

And she has a brand new bike in the garage.

But none of these did we celebrate tonight.

Tonight, we celebrate for the one(s) who come(s) next.

The newest addition(s) to our family.

Over the past months,

We've inquired about several.

Prayed about many.

Scoured waiting lists for siblings,

older children,

special needs children

and felt our hearts be tugged,


and stretched.

But today, we filled out paperwork for _______?

There will be plenty of time for questions,

all of which we will answer.

But not tonight.

Tonight, just join us in knowing

That the Andrews' clan is growing.

And we think that is a ROCKIN' thing to celebrate tonight.


Debi Jenkins said...

How exciting and Awesome!

Lindsay said...

Wow! Can't wait to hear the details. Enjoy your celebration and congrats!!

Nikki said...

And it looks like maybe you celebrated at the Queen? Couldn't tell for sure from the photo. I NEVER read blogs anymore and have no idea why I stopped by yours this evening. Now I know! Celebrating with your precious family tonight. I love you dearly!

Gayla said...

THRILLED!!! And can't wait to hear MORE!!!!!

Amy said...

Linz...your obedience to God is simply beautiful. You have said "Whatever. Whenever. Wherever. Whoever." to Him and He is taking that heart of surrender and using it to bring wholeness and love to a child who desperately needs it. I was reading about the story where Jesus leaves the 99 to go after the one and thought of you today. So grateful for His love and compassion that drives you to love yet another one. You are a gift. Love you dearly!

Matt and Sarah said...

We are SO SO SO excited for you!!!! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see who God is bringing into your family! YEA!!!!

Can't wait to hear all the details!

Deb said...

WOOT! SO exciting!!!

Jenn B. said...

I enjoy reading your blog so much and am so excited by this recent news. Can't wait to hear more. Many Blessings to you all!