Jun 1, 2011

Without Fail

My kids adore my sister and brother in law.

They came home the first week we were home from Ethiopia.

The Dinosaur was captivated with Brian from the first day.

He even made up a song about him as he fell asleep in Brian's arms.

It went like this:

"Papa Chu.

Paaaaaapa Chu.

Papa Chuuuuuuuuu."

To this day, none of us know what Papa Chu means.

But the nickname stuck.

The Dinosaur has no clue Brian has another name.

He had such a hard time saying Laura,

she has been forever relegated to the name LaLa.

At every meal, every night time prayer, my son opens up the prayer.

He bows his head and says three words.

"Papa Chu,


Laura thought I was kidding that he prayed so consistently

and without fail only for them,

until I started recording him.

And calling her during meal times with the phone so

The Dino couldn't see it.

AND...making my mom a witness when she's with us for dinner.

He is so devoted to it that even when Brian and Laura travel home,

and are WITH us during dinner

and nighttime prayers,

He STILL prays for them.

I think Laura believes me now.

A month ago, we took the kids on a small road trip.

To a place in the northern part of the State.

And found this adorable little church inside Har-Ber Village.

At the front of the church was a prayer bench.

The kids wanted to know what it was used for and how.

The Hero explained to them how to kneel and speak to God.

The Dinosaur only had three words.

"Papa Chu,


I was bawling.

I made him go back and do it again.

Because I knew Laura would never believe me.

That even in the middle of vacation,

whenever my son calls out to God,

he only has three words.

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