May 11, 2011

Why Last Wednesday Was Wordless

Last Wednesday, I opened up my email in between two meetings. I almost didn't make it to the second one. I couldn't stop crying. This picture greeted me in my inbox:

If you haven't been reading here for long, you probably need to go back and read here, here, here , here, here, here and definitely here to learn why this face, beaming in his University of Oklahoma sweater sent me reeling. I went back and read these post myself tonight and cried and cried.

He has changed such a part of me. This almost twelve year old boy who lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I'm never going to be the same. I haven't had a new picture of him in over a year. That's how long it's been since I've seen him.

I sent his OU sweater with a lady who was traveling several months ago. I almost forgot about it. Until a rock star friend took him a backpack full of stuff a few months ago. She didn't have time to travel to his care point and see him. She sent the backpack with a friend. Since Africa time doesn't tick the same as here, I didn't expect he would have it so soon and I sure never expected a picture of him receiving it.

You now understand my elation.

So until I can take another one of these:


Beth said...

wow- what a powerful post (or maybe posts? i'm a new reader so i reread all those ones you linked) you're love for your children is so clear through your words. what a beautiful boy. are you in the process of adopting him? any news? truly touching.

Erin Moore said...

Love love love love.

- rockstar

Beautiful Mess said...

God bless!