May 25, 2011

Mommy, Was That God?

Weather in the MidWest has been tumultuous this week.

Last night it was here.

RIGHT above our house.

In 14 months together, we've never had to open the storm shelter.

Until last night.

The Hero toured the kids through it first.

I made emergency kits.

We prayed.

We asked God to send his angels.

We fed the kids dinner and

as The Dinosaur chomped his pizza,

the sky above our house rocked the loudest clasp of thunder I'd ever heard.

I've been in Oklahoma for 31 years.

The Dino stopped in mid-chew, solemn faced and said

"Mommy, is that God?"

"Yes son, that's God."

"Ok. Cool."

Resume eating.

The Hero and I stood outside for awhile, watching the hail pound our house.

Golf balls of ice pelting the ground.

And the kids were thrilled.

Ice cubes in the middle of the yard.

But when the rain and the hail stopped

and the sky opened up

the air stood still

and everything was really quiet.

Mommy looked up and knew that it was God.

And while so much destruction is not pretty,

watching a cloud collect over our house was alarmingly beautiful.

And before Mommy headed into the shelter, I stood on the lawn and gave thanks

that He is who He is

and He always will be.

Even when the clouds surround our house.

As we headed into the shelter with neighbors and friends

and two dogs,

The Dinosaur and the Princess were true to form.

Even in the midst of pressure,

he was cracking jokes,

she was calm and helpful

and The Hero watched the weather

until it was all safe for us to come out.

And as we emerged from the shelter,

we were safe,

warm and dry

and together.

Today we are praying for those who are not.


Debi Jenkins said...

I was thinking about your family last night when I heard the bad weather was in Oklahoma. Glad you're safe and sound today!

Matt and Sarah said...

So glad you guys were ok. I was thinking about you and praying for you when I heard one was heading towards Moore. The Piedmont one was really close to us. Scary!!!