May 18, 2011

Older Child Adoption: Views on Medicine

A lot of people email me wanting to know about older child and/or sibling adoption. I anticipated that like every other kid I have ever been around, The Angel and The Dinosaur would despise taking medication. I was dead wrong.

I cannot give the Dinosaur cough syrup without the Angel insisting that she get some too and then they both ask for more. They remind me in the mornings to give them their vitamins. Our first weekend home, we made an emergency trip to the dentist (thank goodness he was on call) because The Angel had an abscessed tooth. He prescribed a HUGE bottle of antibiotics before the tooth could come out. I knew it must have tasted awful because it smelled horrific. But she took it all...three times a day and while she didn't love it, she never complained. Not once.

Shots truly scare them both. The Angel cries just thinking about having to get one. The scars on their arms prove that while they were given in Africa, they left their mark. Our first trip to the pediatrician was so traumatic that the Hero is mandated to take them to every other appointment. It was that bad. For them and for Mommy.

Band-Aids are the only medical issue they joke about; they think they need one for every scrape or even invent reasons to get one.

While I don't know about other parents' experiences with medicine and older child adoption, my two seem to know that medicine was a rarity and to be respected and taken when asked. I think it is one of the reasons I advocate so hard for older kids to be adopted. I see what two toddlers have done to change our lives and I think everyone should be able to enjoy that kind of love.