Dec 23, 2009

Do You Recognize This Boy?

Does this boy look familiar to you? You might not recognize him at first, but stare into those eyes and be caught up in that smile and you will begin to see a slight resemblance to someone you've seen on my blog before. He is the same boy in the picture below.

There is only about 8 months difference between these pictures. But notice how much fuller his face is, the light that is in his eyes and the confidence in his smile as opposed to the last pic of him taken back in May. The difference: food everyday, a several letters from a woman who loves him and prays for him, and being taught about the God who watches his every step and counts his every breath. What did this relationship cost me? In money, only $272 dollars, $34 a month. What has he cost my life? There is no measure for that and there can never be. You see, this child is more than a kid in a Sally Struther's ad for humanitarian aid. He is my son. If he never steps foot in my house or held in my arms, the passion that I know for this child can never be extinguished. I will continue to pray for him, love him, share his story with others and advocate for him. This relationship has costs me my heart. A portion of it is with him and will continue to reside there forever.

This Christmas, help change a child's life. There are several amazing women who are still advocating for children to be sponsored through Children's HopeChest. Amy, still has children from Children's Home Ethiopia,which is where my precious Kaleab is today. Then there is this woman who is looking for sponsors for a carepoint in Swaziland. This Christmas, give a gift, give yourself to someone who is looking forward to smiling again and can't wait to start a relationship with someone just like you. Can't sponsor them all? Great, just start with one!

I have to give a big, huge Oklahoma THANK YA'LL to Sam and Wendi Henry who were kind enough to not only take my sweet boy's picture while traveling in Ethiopia, but they also brought the carepoint books (note the math book my son is proudly displaying) but also soccer equipment. Check out their blog and then check out their organization, which takes microgiving to an entirely different level!


Beautiful Mess said...

How awesome is THAT? Pretty much the awesomest ;)

What a handsome, precious boy.

God bless!

Erin Moore said...

He is soooo sweet. Love him AND love those Henrys for ministering to all of our sons! I think one of us needs to travel to Ethiopia every month to love up on all the warrior girl kids!!

I'll take the first month! :-)