Jun 13, 2012


LoPa started as a dream of three mamas who loved Ethiopia and wanted to provide a way to fund the children we had come to know with food, education and the love of a Heavenly Father.
We started funding the program with just the sales from the art that you all bought and
Hands for the Needy officially opened last September as an Ethiopian non-profit.
We had 50 kids in the program.
50 precious gifts who would no longer be defined by their existence in a trash dump.
The Hero and I travelled last September to finalize the paper work and to help organize
a few things on the ground.

One of the team members who travelled with us was my amazing friend Amy,
whose husband works for Children's HopeChest.
The entire trip we kept praying and hoping that God would allow
LoPa, Hands for the Needy and Children's HopeChest to join forces.

We are thrilled to announce that it is finally happened.
With this partnership, there are currently over 200 kids
enrolled in the Hands for the Needy program.
I never thought that I would see how God was using so many people
that I love so much to continue to do His will.

But here it is:
A chance for you to see.
To write.
To connect your heart to another.
For only $34 a month.

LoPa is going to continue to bring you great product.
Our proceeds are going to continue to fund Hands for the Needy.
But as individual sponsors step up and choose to be a part of this program,
LoPa will be able to fund bigger projects, building projects, trade training projects...
So for the next couple of posts, I'm going to introduce you to some of the kids
we met back in September, who are now available for sponsorship.
Many of you have asked us about the kids in our program
and now you have the opportunity to walk this journey next to them.

First up is Asechalew.
He gets to go first because he is The Hero's favorite.
This is his family.
Asechalew is on the far right.
He is a twin with the precious angel standing next to him.

He and The Hero played thumb wars.

A lot of thumb wars.

Asechalew is 8 years old and is ready to be sponsored.
If you go here. It will take you right to his profile and you can start sponsoring him.
We are so blessed to be able to bring you this opportunity
and can't wait to see who God lays on your heart.

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