Jun 17, 2012

Lorax Birthday

The Angel turned 8 last week.
Has it been three of her birthdays home already?
I'm already missing her accent and being a little girl.
She's almost grown.

Don't believe me?
We now wear the same size shoe.
Drop to your knees and pray for me now ya'll.

She wanted a Lorax themed birthday party.
So we added a few truffala trees for a photo booth.
And took everyone's picture with the birthday girl as they entered our home.

Got her an amazing birthday cake.
And Daddy used his artistic skills to draw a few signs.

And The Dinosaur...
Well, he donned a mustache and then headed to the pool.

While The Hero goofed with his favorite girl.

And Mommy and Daddy tried not to cry.
That their baby is growing up.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ruta! I saw her cake on a picture from the cupcake lounge and I knew it had to be for her!