Jun 16, 2012

The Thing About A Garden

The thing about having a garden is that it is a lot like having another child.

The waiting.
Trying to remember patience.
Dreaming of the future.
Being diligent about weed removal.
Hoping for the maximum amount of growth.
Studying diseases and organic home remedies.

And while all of that sounds like a lot of work.
Trust me, most days it is just work.
Watching each individual plant mature and produce,
is such an amazing joy.
We are learning more about how God developed our world.
And yet, we are also learning about how He develops our hearts.
No wonder there is so much scripture about seeds and harvests.

The Angel calls this the world's smallest jalapeno plant.
But if you look close, you can tell there are at least two,
 just waiting to mature.

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