Aug 13, 2011

Shoutout Saturday

It's back to school time.

Time for new pencils,

crisp new notebooks,

and the dreaded back to school clothes shopping.

So instead of busting it to the mall,

check out these tees for your crew and help bring a family together.

And then help me spread the word for ShoutOut Saturday.

Meet the Wayman Family.

They blog here.

And you can follow their journey to Ethiopia

to their son and see some of the adorable finds

that Jennifer posts about along their journey.

She had a GREAT jewelry find in yesterday's post.

And have their own etsy store here.

So you can go straight there and buy one of these:

Check out the Crockett family's tee:

I've been following their Ethiopian adoption journey for several months.

They blog here.

Lindsey is always posting product reviews,

adorable adventures of her little family and

why adoption is on her heart.

They have also been chosen for the month of August

as the Home for Hire family of the month.

This means to click the above link,

shop the Etsy shop,

buy until your fix is over

and 25% of your sale goes to the Crockett family!

I hope you all have an amazing Saturday.

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

WOOHOO!!! Thank you, lovely!!!

I adore your blog. I actually just read through the whole thing a couple weeks ago. Such amazing wisdom and insight in your posts!

Much love, chica!!! :D