Aug 27, 2011

And It's Only Saturday

The last few days have been crazy.

We sold our house.

The sellers accepted our offer on another one.

We threw our first LoPa Art event in OKC Thursday night.

Friends came in from out of town to help and hang out.

Ethiopia for The Hero and I is in 10 days.

Between packing for the trip,

spending time with friends,

the art event,

packing up our house,

I was looking forward to quiet afternoon at home today.

The Angel and I were almost asleep on the couch for a nap

when The Dinosaur swallowed a penny.

So this afternoon was spent at the Emergency Room,

having X-Rays done and thanking Jesus that the penny

had successfully passed through his airway.

While I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a little more relaxed,

it is only Saturday.

And life around here is nothing if not lively.


Layla Payton said...

Oh, my gosh! Poor baby. :( :( :( I am so glad he's okay. You need to take tomorrow off and do nothing but

gracefullyHis said...

So glad the penny didn't choke him! I will be praying for you, as you pack the house, get ready to travel and all of the unseen's that could occur.