Jul 13, 2011

Women Wednesday:

I use to think that having a great girl friend meant I had done something right,

That I had picked a good friend.

The older I get, nothing could be further from the truth.

My best girl friends in life have always chosen me.

I guess I assumed having a good friend meant I was a good friend.

It's not.

I am a horrible friend.

I forget to call.

I forget birthdays.

I change plans, often times at the last minute.

I need a girlfriend to call me out about these things.

And I've found several.

Knowing where I am lacking as a friend is not always a fun conversation.

But if I want to have a good friend, it's important to learn to be one.

And I am grateful that the good Lord has sent me just the girls for the job.

So why do we as women avoid making new friends?

I think we avoid new girl friends because:

1.) There's too much laundry to do,

2.) We haven't yet determined what keeps us from being a good friend

1.) What keeps you from being a good friend?

2.) How has a girlfriend now/in the past challenged you to be better?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

What keeps me from being a good friend.... I guess I can describe that in 1 word...Selfishness. I'M too busy. I'VE got too much to do, I'VE got to do this or that

Because my friends are so good to me, it makes me want to be a better friend in return, we recently had a yard sale for our adoption. A couple that we're good friends that ended up being busy that weekend left us a note on our porch. It was a card for the "prents to be." they told us they were sorry they couldn't be there, etc. They left us a check for $100 in it! Wow! I just cried tears of thankfulness for our sweet friends!