Jul 1, 2011

Book Review: Passport Through Darkness

It is not uncommon for me to read through a book rather quickly.

If I can scrape together enough free time

and ignore the laundry,

I can read quickly.

Not the case with my most recent selection.

The writing was brilliant.

The story was griping, tragic and beautiful.

But the subject matter was difficult.

There were times when I wanted to turn away.

Close the book.

Ignore the pain that was inside of it.

But I couldn't.

how she and her family personally experienced and were drawn

into a world of combating human trafficking and

helping protect the planet's most vulnerable victims.

Together with her spouse, Kimberly started

Make Way Partners, a non profit

built to protect those to which other organizations and ministries say

"No Way." "Too expensive." "Not worth the risk."

You cannot read this book without

calling out to God and asking Him

how to break your heart so that your life might make a difference.

I've linked you to the Amazon page so all you have to do is go buy it.

So that we may fight for freedom for everyone,

not just those of us who buy fireworks for a day in July.

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