Jul 26, 2011

Trail to Thailand: Doctors Appointment

Another accomplishment on the paperwork trail today.

The paperwork procedure leading up to our home study

has been quite lengthy this time around.

I don't remember so much prep work before our home study,

but then again, it may be me.

I think mommy hood has sucked out my brain.

The Hero and I went and had our physicals done by our physician.

Only one more stop this week (the kids have to visit their pediatrician for health updates)

and we can send off to our home study agency.

Then they will schedule us for a home study and come out

and see how much more insane we are than two years ago.

Praying to get it all done and sent off by Friday.

And that $1800 will appear in our bank account.

God will do both.


Matt and Sarah said...

Praying the whole paperchase goes smoothly...and quickly! :)

Did I miss it? Did you post if your new little one is a boy or a girl and their age???

JG said...

I also have a question: Why did you switch agencies?

Unknown said...

Sarah~nope. We haven't posted age and/or gender yet. JG~We LOVED Gladney but they did not work in Thailand. And we found our newest addition on a waiting child list through our current agency.