Jul 18, 2011

The Things I Can't

I've noticed that having another girl in our family

creates it's own dynamic.

I love it but there are times that I become frustrated by two women in the house.

The Angel Can get The Hero to do things that I have tried for 8 years.

She has him wrapped like a Christmas present.

What ever she says, he snaps to attention.

Adopting a second time involves its own set of challenges, but we seem to be suffering from a lack of time. Although we pray for our new addition every night,

The Hero and I have struggled to

complete our home study paperwork.
To be honest, I've had mine down for almost a month now,

but The Hero had a HUGE test a few weeks ago

and has been lagging in the "recreational time" category.

On Saturday, The Angel was distraught

that our newest family member would not be home by Christmas

to play with her and was demanding some pretty stringent time frames.

I pulled out her notebook of paperwork

that we filled out when we were going through our first adoption

with her and The Dinosaur

and explained that this was going to be awhile.
She asked where we were in the paperwork stage

and I showed her the 100+ paperwork application,

The Hero had yet to complete.

I told her that this needed to be done first.

She huffed.

"Um...what do you need to say on that?"

Mommy: "Well Mommy has already filled it out.

Daddy just needs to finish."

The Angel: "Hmmm...why he not done?"

Mommy: "Well, Daddy has been busy."

The Angel: "Ok Mommy. I'm on it."

I laughed it off.

So tonight, after dinner,

right as The Hero was slinking into his chair and

breathing a relaxing end to the day,

his daughter questioned

"Daddy, is your home work done?"

The Hero, incredulous, glanced my direction.

I shrugged.

He answered her, almost laughing "What homework?"

Now both hands were on her hips,

"You know the home work. The one for (insert name)".

The Hero tried to get my assistance.

I ducked back into the kitchen.

He tried to fight back.

"Well honey, I'll work on it in a little bit."

She was not to be moved.

"Daddy, it better be done before you go to bed."

While the rest of us finished a movie,

The Hero pouted on the couch and finished his home work.

While being in the house with another girl is a challenge,

The Angel moves The Hero in directions, I never could.

I love that about her.


Lindsay said...

Love love love this!

Matt and Sarah said...

LOL! I LOVE this. Hurray for moving another step forward! :)

Ellen Enright said...

This was hilarious!!!!! I love it!!!