Jul 12, 2011

Me? Or Three?

Becoming a mom overnight to two toddlers was hard.

Since neither The Hero or I had never parented before,

there was/is/always stuff we don't know.

And parenting two adopted children has its additional set of questions.

But the one we are asking ourselves lately is

Is it me?

Or because he's three?

The Dinosaur has his nickname because well,

he's a Dinosaur.

A cute dinosaur,

but a dinosaur all the same.

Two was adorable, challenging because of

attachment issues, but we've come to the other side of those I believe.

We are outside of the terrible 2s and fledgling in the

horrible 3s.

Maybe I was drinking or fell and hit my head when I was reading all those parenting books

and getting advice from all my mommy friends.

But I really thought that they were called the terrible 2s because

there was an ending date.

The Dinosaur would blow out his 3rd birthday candle

and there would be a respite.


I almost fell off my chair laughing.

The Dino better at three?


So mommy may look like this for awhile:

Until The Dinosaur looks like this again:

Come on parents, fess up,
what was your most challenging parenting age?


Deb said...

Oh my. I am sooo there. Seth was a prince while he was 2. He hit three and BAM. It was like I got hit by a comet. Three is WAY harder than two. At least for my little man and me!

Jaime & Kelly said...

this might not help things but.....my oldest 13 and I still cringe when I think about his 4th year it has been the hardest year yet...... my daughter just turned 4 this year and i almost didn't celebrate it because i knew what was to come :)

Lindsey said...

Three has been the WORST for us around here, too! I think it's much harder than twos because they are starting to learn autonomy. They can do things on their
own! They don't need Mommy anymore! They are bigger than their siblings!

It's a crazy world, this Mommy biz. Praying you find rest and peace today. <3

Kati said...

I always say 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 is the hardest year. That is the true "TERRIBLE". But you will be amazed when he reaches 3 and a half the seemingly sudden end to the terrible and the obedience and sweetness returns.

Jen said...

Yes, three's were much more difficult than twos...at least IMHO. Sorry. Sounds like a cutie though. Blessings ~ Jen

Julie said...

Honestly, three was so tough for us too. Unfortunately, our son was just tough until five! This may not be encouraging, but now that he just turned nine, we are seeing so many of the fruits of our labors back when he was 2-5! Now, Isaiah (our adopted son) is two and just entering all of this, so our memories are being jogged!

AGoodKindOfCrazy said...

The threes are worse than the twos!!!!

And I'm about to enter the Tell-Me-It-Can't-Get-Any-Worse-Threes for the 3rd time.... and I'm afraid! :)
Hang in there, hee hee!!

Gayla said...

Ben was a complete little sh#$ from 18 months until 5 1/2.

Isn't that encouraging??? ;-)

Micah said...

Terrible twos, tiresome threes, fearless fours. :)