Nov 25, 2010

No Longer A Joke

Each year as a society, we joke that if you aren't good you'll get coal in your stocking. This year, ALL I want in my stocking is coal. You see, I have some amazing friends who are changing the way we see coal and it's effect on the 3rd world.

An efficient, coal burning stove can save a woman 3-5 hours a DAY by reducing the amount of time it takes her to cook a meal for her family. 3-5 hours! Rachel Ray makes a meal in 30 minutes! This year your purchase of $20 you are sent a beautifully wrapped box of a piece of coal. In return, a family in Haiti receives a coal burning stove and since the stoves are manufactured locally in Haiti, you are helping several families.

Tomorrow as some of you get up early and head out the door for great bargains, log on and give a life changing gift to someone who couldn't be happier to receive coal in their stocking. Go here to read about the project. Spread the word and let's fill a ton of stocking with coal and a bunch of Haitian homes with stoves.


Gayla said...

seriously doing this right now!

jody said...

Thanks, Lindsey! Excited to partner with you.
Much love. Happy Thanksgiving!