Nov 2, 2010

It's easy for me to tell you what in this life makes me afraid. Even downloading the pic below made me shudder.

If you know me well, you know that the thought of this makes me jittery and panicky:

But if I was truly honest with myself, I wonder if one of my biggest fears is not pulling into the driveway of a big house.

Or looking in our bank account and seeing security for our future:

But then I am reminded that not so long ago, I was afraid of being a mom, and I cannot help but think of all the things I would have missed out on if I would have chosen to be safe, secure and on the road to what we Americans like to call "success".

This road is so much better!


Jaime & Kelly said...

Beautiful truthful post!!!

Gayla said...

I ((heart)) you!!!

MUST see you soon!

abigail mortenson said...

thanks for this! i'm so scared to be a mom but have been consistently hearing God ask me to trust and start the process of adoption. He's been encouraging me in many ways- and reading this today was one of those ways! Thank you.