Nov 15, 2010

For Fun!

I have so many people who ask me to help them with their adoptions and so many cool products that I come across and have fallen in love with that I wanted to start blogging about them. Le and I also have been praying about how to make our first Christmas with the kids special and not about the chaos and gifts that usually follow this season. So in order to capture all that I recently started blogging here:

I'll continue to blog here about life with the Andrews' clan but if you want a great place to shop, check out Our Different Christmas.

1 comment:

Gayla said...

YOU are a genius, and I love YOU!!!!!

I have been thinking of doing a post about all the places I have bought gifts from so far this season- so far all families that are raising $ for adoption- but then I realized that I would be telling my friends and fam what I was getting them! ...Maybe I'll do it anyway. OR... maybe I'll just link YOUR AWESOMENESS and call it a day!!!

Love you lots, Linz!!!