Oct 29, 2011

So How is She Doing?

Ya'll will probably remember that we had to talk about the dreaded "R" word with The Angel last year after 1st grade. After much discussion and tears and debates and teachers' meetings, The Hero and The Angel cried about it. Mama blogged about it and we all prayed about it. In the end we all agreed that it was the right move to retain The Angel in first grade.
So how's she doing?
This mama is glad you asked.
She has 1st grade by the horns and is wrestling it to the ground!
It's like having a different child in the house.
Where before there were frowns and grumps about school, she bounds for the door every morning, is restless waiting for school even on Saturday.
Her scores are off the charts.
Vocabulary is above average.
Reading is through the roof.
Homework that use to take us hours to complete each night, is done now a matter of minutes.
She loves reading so much that she and I even started reading LONG chapter books together at night when The Dinosaur goes to sleep.
I am very new to this parenting thing.
Don't even have 2 years behind me yet, but I can tell you that retention has worked for us.
I am so proud of our baby girl I could burst.

The Angel,
For all that you have accomplished and all that remains to be conquered,
you are one of my heroes in life.
There is no goal you cannot reach and I am
humbled to be your mother.

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Gayla said...

This made my heart happy!!!!!!!!