Oct 25, 2011

Being a working mom is stinky most days.

I feel like I run from task to task.


Soccer practice.




But more and more often, I'm reminding myself that the laundry will always be there.

The house will never be clean enough.

They'll never remember what I made for dinner in a week.

And that this face won't be little for much longer:

Praying you stop and take in a small moment of your own today.


Amber said...

LOVE this picture! He is too stinkin' cute!
And this is exactly why I am trying to embrace Hannah being at the office with me 1-2 days a week with me now! She won't stay this age forever!

Unknown said...

Amen!!! I try to remember that when I'm rushing around like a crazy person & all that sweet girl wants is for me to hold her. It goes too fast.