Oct 5, 2011

Ethiopian trip Recap: Day Two; Part Two

18 months is a long time. For an 11yr old boy, it's almost an eternity.

Of course, we had written letters back and forth and I had prayed for him every day,

but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I had wondered whether or not K would even

remember me.

Yemamu had not yet told him that I was in Ethiopia.

He had only said he was coming to get him for dinner.

As the door of the van opened and our dinner date climbed inside,

we both squealed with delight at seeing one another.

We hugged and cried and laughed all the way to dinner.

His English was amazing, so much so that we needed very little translation.

He kept telling The Hero and I that he had missed us and that he was so glad

we were with him.

When we got bored of talking, the photobooth app on my ipad

was very entertaining.

VERY entertaining.

Since I had spent most of the day asking kids in our program what they wanted to be,

it seemed mandatory that I ask K the same thing.

He didn't miss a beat.

He smiled and said "I want to be Yemamu."

I tried very hard to hold back the tears, but since I had seen

first hand Yemamu's unending love for those around him,

other than Jesus, I couldn't imagine K could have a better role model.

As we said goodnight, my son leaned in and asked me one thing.

"Mama, I see you tomorrow?"

Absolutely my son. Absolutely.


Amy said...

Love that sweet boy. And I love that he knows a good thing when he sees one...both Yemamu and YOU!! XOXO. I know this one was a tough one to write.

Layla Payton said...

Oh, geeze! Talk about pulling my heart-strings!