Oct 28, 2010

The Advent of Waiting

I recently posted about being crafty this Christmas and making a few Advent calendars. Well, I finished all the orders and had some really fun paper left over. It got me to thinking about where Le and I were during this time last year. We had not yet received our referral and were gearing up for our last holiday as a family of 2. It was during those days of free time and anxiousness that I forgot how and what to pray for, so I developed the Advent calendar as a way to remind myself of what to pray each day.

So in honor of those families who are currently either in the adoption process or are wanting to start praying about adoption and adopting families, I've come up with the perfect Advent Calendar for you:

The Advent of Waiting Calendar. The paper envelopes are filled with specific prayers related to adoption: waiting (yes, there is 2 envelopes dedicated to waiting), paperwork, travel, finances, etc.

Pop on over to the Etsy shop here and get them today! Also, for each purchase of these adoption advent calendars, $10 will be donated to the adoptive family of your choice to help with their adoption costs. Please be sure to add the family name and either their email address or blog so I can donate the proceeds to the right place.

Oct 16, 2010

I've Received Travel Approval

It's no big secret that ever since we been home from here:

I've been wanting to get back on one of these and go back:

The only thing stopping me has been:

We talk about Africa all the time. I explain why Mommy wants to go back and how much it means to me to be able to help people who may go to bed hungry every night. But at the close of each of these conversations, my daughter shakes her head and says "I will not let you go." I've asked her to come with me; I explain we won't stay; I promise that we won't leave Daddy and her brother, but still she nixes the whole idea. Until a few days ago.
She asked to go back to Disney this weekend. I said I'd rather be in Africa. She wrinkled her nose and said "Mommy, why you want go Africa?" I explain that I want to visit again and I want to help people. I ask her if she wants to go with me. She says: "Mommy, can we feed some kids?" "Yes," I explain. "We can feed some kids." She smiles and leaves the kitchen. I think we're through, but she returns with her piggy bank (which thanks to my dad letting her raid his pockets ALL the time, it's almost full). "Mommy, when we go to Africa, we can buy food with my piggy money. That can feed kids."
"Yes darling. It can feed some kids. And Ruta?"
"Yes mommy."
"I absolutely adore you."
"Mommy, what do 'adore' mean?"
Ruta~'Adore' is the crazy look Mommy gets in her eyes when she looks at you because you never cease to amaze me.

Oct 12, 2010

Seperated At Birth

These two girls have captured my heart. One stole it 7 years ago when I fell in love with her uncle. The other captured it with one word: "Mommy". It was always God's plan that they would be friends, but the depth of their devotion to one another is impressive for knowing each other only six months. It took years for me to develop the same kind of friendships.

Other than their obvious physical differences, these two are almost identical little girls. Only one thing major thing would have defined who they could be in this life.

One was born here:
The other was born here:

Amazing now that they are both loved by a family, you can't even tell them apart.

Oct 5, 2010

Grab 'Em Up

This week, I'm paying it forward to a fellow adoptive family. Now through Sunday, if you go to our Etsy shop and purchase a hat, $15 from the purchase will go to benefit the Jenkins Family. So go, shop, get some great Christmas gifts and help a fellow adoptive family out. And head over to the Jenkins Family blog and see the rockin' gifts Debi is making to support their adoption.

Oct 3, 2010

The Daily Commute

The drive from Ruta's school to my office is about ten minutes. I am fortunate enough to arrange my schedule so that I usually get to drop her off and pick her up. We are at the stage with her language development that she asks the "whys" and "hows" of everything in her life. These q&a sessions are most prevalent during our daily commute from school. It is during these times that we are alone and she is not having to fight for my attention and I can focus on each of her questions. There have been some really great ones, some completely ridiculous ones, but only one has completely left me in tears.

We were talking about our upcoming Disney trip a few weeks ago and she was looking up at the sky and saw an airplane.

Ruta: "Mommy, why that airplane look so small?"

Me: "because it is really high in the air."

Ruta: "Mommy, can we jump and touch that airplane?"

Me: "No. It's REALLY high."

Ruta: "Is it so high that it is where God lives?"

Me: "God lives there but He also lives in your heart."

Ruta: "Mommy, what is He doing way up there?"

Me: "Well, He is watching over me and you. And Daddy and Alazar."

Ruta: "Mommy, how do we get to God?"

Me: "Well we can talk to Him anytime we want but when we die we actually get to go live with Him up there in Heaven."

Ruta: "Mommy, is that where my Ethiopia mommy is?"

Me: "Yes." (choking back tears)

Ruta: "Mommy, what is my Ethiopia mommy and God do up there all day?"

Me: "they are watching over us and wanting us to be good to one another and love one another."

Ruta: "Mommy, my Ethiopia mommy and God happy with me and you?"

Me: (tears streaming) "I think so baby girl. I think so."

Ruta: "Mommy, can we get ice cream today?"

Ruta's Ethiopia Mommy: I cannot tell you what an honor it is to be a second mommy to Ruta and Alazar. I pray that you are watching every smile and every laugh and are writing them down for me. For I know that I will forget some, but I cherish the day I can meet you face to face and I am praying that you are happy with me.